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EU research projects at Faculty of Agriculture

Framework programe 6 (FP6)

  1. Agro economic policy analysis of the New Member States, the Candidate States and the countries of the Western Balkan (CEEC Agri Policy), prof dr Natalija Bogdanov,, 15 participating countries. Objectives: enhancing interactions between experts from the agricultural sectors and policy makers and supporting the formulation of community agricultural policies by developing an open and interactive network of experts involved in agricultural policy analysis.

  2. Balkan agrofood network (BAFN), prof. Milica Mojašević, 8 participating countries. Objectives: creation of a network of agrifood research groups, researchers and companies.

  3. Water Resource Strategies and Drought Alleviation in Western Balkan Agriculture (WATERWEB), prof. Radmila Stikić,, 7 participating institutions from 5 countries. Objectives: to contribute to development in the Western Balkans by introducing strategic water management for drought alleviation and sustainable agricultural practices in the WB and to establish and reinforce research expertise in the WB in a range of technologies for water and crop management.

  4. Safe and High Quality Food Production using Low Quality Waters and Improved Irrigation Systems and Management (SAFIR), prof. Radmila Stikić,, 17 institutions from 10 countries. Objectives: new irrigation systems for safe and high quality food crops: technology development and research activities; quality and safety of fresh and processed food from farm to fork: impact and risk assessments; feasibility and applications to food production sectors: economic an financial assessments, decision support and dissemination.

  5. A Centre for Sustainable Crop-Water Management (CROPWAT),FP6-SSA, prof. Radmila Stikić,, faculty is only participating institution. Objectives: creation of the centre of excellence aiming to improve the efficiency of using existing water resources in a country faced with increasing problems of agricultural droughts and health risks of using contaminated water for irrigation.